Shop is now live

Awesome blog entry alert!

After 10 years of hiding away my cosmic collages, I'm so pleased to be able to start sharing them all with the world. 

I've limited all the prints to 50 as I would like to make owning one be a lot more special then if there was an unlimited amount like most digital prints. I will sign and number each one and let you know the edition you will be receiving.

They are being printed on exhibition grade Hahnemuhle etched Giclée paper. Each time I receive one to sign I can't believe how nice the colour balance and texture is. I'll take photos of the detailing when I get the next batch in at the beginning of December.

I've also just added Lotus to the shop. I really loved making this with it's vintage yoga illustration against retro, futuristic elements.

Finally, thanks so much for all the supportive comments and emails I've been sent regarding all this. I'm so pleased you guys can relate to it and get the vibe I try to create with each piece :)

Peace out,
Mr P